Love, life etc, it is all about compromise. I personally don’t believe there is one perfect ‘romantic’ person for everyone. Nevertheless, I believe there is someone out there for everyone. This person would be willing to build a life with you, compromise, become a life partner, will tackle the world with you and will be someone you can rely on in your darkest hour.

Even if you feel that you have someone in your life that you would ‘catch a grenade for’, according to Bruno Mars, if that person cannot become the trustworthy and reassuring life partner you were earning for them to be, it is not something to feel heartbroken over. I feel that human beings should feel these strong emotions such as caring for a loved one and vulnerability, otherwise you would look at your life with so much regret. I am a strong advocate for chasing what you want and what you deserve. I believe that I have done so, and even though I have not found what I wanted with them long term, I know that if I am a good person, I will meet someone who would be willing to do the same.

I have learned a million and one life lessons this year. If you cannot hang on to people who think selflessly about you, you may be left alone. If you have conflicts with these loved ones, there is not a single part of you that should give up. Everyone should look at the friends in their life and work out who would sacrifice their own personal issues to help you in times of great burden. These people should not be let go, ever!