Just finished the Japanese drama, Hana Kimi.

Just once, I want the protagonist female to fall in love with the cheekier and more caring guy, than the brooding, arrogant one. Alas, I know that won’t happen. I will however, forever ship the cuter, funnier couple in a Korean or Japanese drama love triangle. Hana Kimi is the best drama I have seen in a while.


I have been out of contact with people my age. I have been relaxing with family and taking time for myself, running, reading novels, studying a little and trying to sketch even. It feels spectacular! It just goes to show that you need time like this when your brain doesn’t need to worry about grades, social issues etc. What I need to remind myself going into next semester is that I am only human, there is only so much I can take on and people who I care about and love will understand my limits. Fourth year second semester is one of the most critical times in the Dentistry course and I have to keep focused, ignore distractions, harmful thoughts or people even. I know I can be strong and pass through. I know I still have to find that extra bit of clinic confidence and hopefully it comes out soon.

Remember what’s important: good health, happy life (for Asians that includes good grades) and loving people who care for and challenge you.